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LinkedIn Services

Whether you are a Business Owner or Business Professional, understanding how to use LinkedIn to grow your business is critical. Target consumers or business owners based on demographics like location, job title, company name, industry or professional interests and increase sales with one click.

Lead Generation Package

This incredible package helps you achieve first connections that are potential business opportunities. A targeted and focused approach for all kinds of products and services that your company sells. An example would be, If you need to reach – CFO’s – CIO’s – CMO’s, or any Category or Job Title for that matter, we can specifically target and build those key contacts for you. This package pays for itself 3X over within a short span of time and is a must have for any business owner and/or executive.

C-Level Executive Intro Package

Are you looking to establish relationships with CEO – CFO – CIO – CMO – CTO and/or entire C-Suite network? Look no further. This package will bring in thousands of C-Level people to connect with you. In the era of social media, its very critical that you and your company have a strong social reach. The first thing people do prior to getting serious with any business dealing and building a short list is to review your LinkedIn profile. This package has the potential to add credibility to you and your Company and of course your career.

LinkedIn Company Page Followers

If you have the idea of your target audience, we will work with you to find those and get them to connect with your Company Page. We will make your Company LinkedIn page look electrifying and at the same time highly professional, that would stand out amongst your competitors and will enable you to attract en masse high volume of followers. Your Company would then be able to take giant steps towards being industry leaders and influencers.

Build Custom LinkedIn Group

This service allows you to create a group targeting specifically your Industry and/ or expertise and is a great way to attract potential business opportunities. As a LinkedIn Group Owner, you will have the ability to Recommend posts to the entire group for Free. You can even send in-house messages to group members for Free. This means huge savings for you explained as an example. If you message 10,000 people without them being connections, it could cost up to $8000. As the group owner the cost is FREE.

Recommended Posts To LinkedIn Groups

We have access to and Own some of the largest and most influential Groups on LinkedIn. We can work with you on Content and Strategy and look at drip-feeding Important Announcements to Relevant and Large audience or group. Group Owners and Managers can share valuable content with group members using recommended group posts. This is an opportunity to keep members informed about the latest trends and important news in the community.

Facebook and Instagram Services

There are More Facebook Users than there are people living in the entire Western Hemisphere. If you’re looking for a place to connect with new audiences, engage them and nurture them to a sale, Facebook is a safe bet.

With GCN Media Group, you can now Start Socializing your way to new sales opportunities.


Facebook Company Page Management

Your Facebook Company Page can get you targeted audience that can engage with you and become potential high-value prospects.

We will make your Company Page stand out from your competitors that will enable you to attract en masse high-level followers so your Company can steps towards being industry sector leaders and influencers. We work with you closely and agree upon a framework for content creation and promotion that matches with your business goals and is capable of engaging and growing your customer base.

Build Custom Facebook Group

This service will allow you to create a group targeted to your field of expertise and a great way to attract and obtain new business. As a Facebook group owner you will have be able to pin posts to the entire group as Announcements for free. As well as in house message anyone in the group for free. As an example if you message 10,000 people without them being connections it could cost up to $8,000 dollars. As the group owner the cost is $0. You can organize Events and Share Important updates that will be notified to all Group Members.

Instagram Company Page Management

Boost Your Number Of Followers & Conversion Rate With Our Instagram Company Page Management Services. Get the attention of Instagram users and grow your Instagram followers using the most effective methods. We will help you entice more active users to check out and follow your Instagram profile.


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